I Read ZERO Book This Year

The year 2016 has been one hell of an interesting year. Higher expectations were put on it. Dampen heart outcomes it bring forth. The rise in populist in Europe, Brexit, Trump and Nigeria economy nosediving quicker than expected. Life itself is too complex to guarantee positive outcomes, regardless of how meticulously you plan it. Sometimes things just don’t work out the way you want it.

Earlier this year, I made a resolution to read atleast 7 books. Sadly, I manage to read ZERO book. I was too stuck on the road than expected.

In the meantime, through the course of the year, I read tons of good articles that shape my thinking like never before. I don’t think I can remembered all of them but a few made my year worthwhile as they made a lasting impression on me. Here are the articles in no chronological order :

1. What’s Going On With Other Oil Producers?, by Feyi Fawehinmi. This article is 4/6th part series convo on devaluation of Naira earlier in the year. He’s one stopgap guy when it comes to anything relating to economy. There’s a Great of Ruin in A Nation, The Story of Ajaokuta is the story of Nigeria, tops some of the articles he wrote this year. He always made it a duty to share whatever he’s reading, too.

2. My Muslim Father’s Faith in America, by Muhammed Naseehu Ali. Published in The New Yorker. He wondered whether his father’s belief in the fundamental goodness of the United States would have been forced to evolve if he had long to witness the current political moment. Very good read.

3. What Religion Would Jesus Belong To?, by Nicholas Kristof. This was published in New York Times. He tells why the world religion often don’t resemble their founders.

4. The Formular for a Rich World? Equality, Liberty, Justice, by Deirdre N McCloskey. She’s argues here how sweet practical and liberal ideas that allowed ordinary people for the time to have a go, caused the great enrichment.

5. The Cruise That Changed China,by Julian Baird Gewirtz. I read a lot articles in Foreign Affairs this year. This one top it. This article chronicle how China gathers top Western economists together to charts a new economic plan in 1985.

6. America Political Decay or Renewal?, by Francis Fukuyama. He writes on the political decay of the US aftermath of the US election.

7. Globalization for Everyone, Hernando De Soto. This was published on ProjectSyndicates. Prof. De Soto proposes an entirely new approach to ensuring that the benefits of interconnectedness are share.

8. Can Global Capitalism Be Saved?, by Alexander Friedman. Mr. Friedman writes that we should fight against the dying light of global capitalism with every tool we can muster.

9. The Economist published 6-part series tagged Economics Brief. Is worth reading as well.

10. Progress Isn’t Natural, by Joel Mokyr. This was published in The Atlantic. Joel Mokyr is the Author of the book: A Culture of Growth: The Origins of the Modern Economy. Prof. Deirdre N McCloskey did a fascinating review of the book here http://www.prospectmagazine.co.uk/magazine/ideas-that-built-the-world-joel-mokyr-liberalism.

Washington Post Ana Swanson interview Joel Mokyr back in October. It’s a very good interview that answers the age long questions Why The Industrial Revolution Didn’t Happen In China.

As a football person, I read football related articles as well. Pep Guardiola : A Continental Success and English Soccer’s Measuring Stick by Rory Smith is a good read. New York Times published it. Also, our own Colin Udoh pen a powerful tributes to Stephen Keshi on ESPNFC. I enjoy reading Ken Early’s articles on Jose Mourinho published in Irish Times.

That’s little I can remembered. I hope to read next year.


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