Corruption: DSS And Nigeria Judges, By Fab

There’s no way one can defend any judges accused of corruption ,yet DSS gestapo style is an aberration,too. It contradicts the tenets of democracy values in its entirety. Very dangerous trend it is. It must be condemned by all. I’m ashamed of DSS actions or inactions. But can’t support judges in this matter as well. Only that we all called for due process which is very essential in law.

As law dictum states: Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat which literally translates as ” innocent until proven guilty”. No one should declared any judge guilty before trial, alas,
a corrupt judge is far more dangerous and grievous in a country. Even than a corrupt politicians.

An effective judiciary guarantees fairness in legal processes. It’s a powerful weapon against corruption. Against this backdrop, we should be more scared as a nation when a judge is accused of corruption. It’s erroneous on our part though taken them as politicians. Judicial corruption can bring down a country.

Think of how many people who’ve been sentence to death/ life sentences due to a judge WITH A PRICE. Corruption in the judiciary shouldn’t been mistakenly taking as politics.
It affects everybody. Corrupt judicial system not only violate the basic right to equality before the law but deny procedural rights as enshrined in the constitution. The end- point of political corruption is kleptocracy- rule by thieves.

In the meantime, past experience has shown many times how high corruption cases are nothing more than mere media trial in the hand of anti-corruption agencies. One can only hope this isn’t one of the the many sham they’ve been conducting – as seen in the past one year.

It is not too late for them- anti corruption agencies, to wake up from their slumber and persecute any corrupt offenders in competent law courts, until then I observed.


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